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POD Gardening - Nicky Simes

Mar 2015

"No matter how small your space is - even a courtyard with no spare soil, you can always grow something. To grow your own herbs is gold..." POD visits Film Production Manager Nicky Simes in her garden in Morningside, Auckland.

POD Gardening - Richard Swan

Feb 2015

"Gardens can obviously enhance the appearance of a dwelling and certainly give a property life and soul. In my opinion, a place without established garden surrounds lacks character.." POD visists property valuer Richard Swan at his Great Barrier Island oasis.

Pod how to garden videos

Jun 2014

We've recently completed a series of winter gardening videos, including how to plant a container grown tree, how to plant a bare root tree, and how to plant garlic - all of which are things you could be doing in your garden right now. Besides these there's stacks of other gardening vids at  POD TV.

Pod Gardening - seasonal recipes

Feb 2014

POD gardening is pleased to welcome Petite Kitchen's Eleanor Ozich as our resident chef. Check out Eleanor's beautiful recipes here. Or, for a wealth of easy and useful gardening information, go to POD TV.

Garden Mulching

Dec 2013

It’s time to mulch your garden to help ensure there’s as much moisture in your garden as possible. For this and other easy edible gardening tips go to

Seraphine Pick’s “Wankered Again”

Dec 2013

Seraphine Pick’s “Wankered Again” showing at Michael Lett Gallery 285/2 Gt North Rd, Auckland is well worth a visit. Depicting images posted on the internet of teenagers in various states of dishevelment painted with kind tenderness and old world painterly love of paint.

Nanette Cameron Master of Craft

Dec 2013

Currently showing at Auckland’s Objectspace is Nanette Cameron Master of Craft until 20 December 2013. Curated by Kirsty Cameron, Katie Lockhart and Vivienne Stone the show is an homage to Interior Designer Nanette Cameron’s 50 year career as a practitioner, writer/stylist and teacher.  For more information